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Acupuncture Benefit to Pre- and Post-surgery

by Pamela Purser, AP

Acupuncture Benefit to Pre- and Post-surgery, Navarre Acupuncture and Wellness in Navarre, FL

The human body perceives any surgery as trauma, manifest as stress. This involuntary stress weakens the immune system, interrupts the guts motility, and leaves the body more vulnerable to infection.

Fact#1: Before surgery, patients sometimes manifest symptoms in the form of physical pain, fatigue, tingling or numbness, stress, and anxiety.

Acupuncture treatments help prepare the body by relieving anxiety, decrease pain symptoms, and strengthen the immune function by regulating the blood and body fluids. Remember, blood contains hemoglobin, which can transport oxygen.

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Fact#2: After surgery, the human body intelligently perceives surgery as an invasive procedure. A surgery is not a regular occurrence in the body. The immune system may get weakened, the guts may get compromised, and this leaves the human body more susceptible to infection.

Acupuncture can accelerate the healing process, increase the immune function, enhance the building of red blood cells, regulate guts, improve lymph drainage, and relieve pain.

Scar tissue is the common side effect of surgery. Acupuncture is excellent to help with keloid healing and reduce the size of the scar.

Recommendation: No matter what the surgery is, I would recommend daily acupuncture treatment for one week before and after surgery.

Clinical: One sample case. I have treated a patient who undergone second-foot surgery. The first surgery was a failure, but the second surgery healed flawlessly with acupuncture treatments, done before and after surgery. The patient wished to have known acupuncture during the first foot surgery.

Navarre Acupuncture and Wellness in Navarre, FL

Are you getting surgery soon?

You may want to consider getting acupuncture, before and after, to help your body heal properly in a swift manner. Don’t wait. Take action today!

Acupuncture Benefit to Pre- and Post-surgery, Navarre Acupuncture and Wellness in Navarre, FL